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Paul Briggs

Since 2002, CEO & Principal consultant, Paul Briggs has been engaged in lead generation services at both publishers such as Incisive Media, Reed Elsevier and IDG as well as marketing technology companies such as Madison Logic.


He has extensive experience of using digital, calling and physical event methods of demand generation and ABM and has successfully built up strong EMEA and APAC teams to service client demand generation needs and  networks of partners to deliver prospects to these channels.

As  a former editor and publisher for IT B2B and B2C titles, Briggs is also a advocate of quality and relevant content to engage with prospects for lead generation. He promotes the concept that content is increasingly more about generating user data than traffic driving in today's marketing mix.

And with extensive experience of building Web sites for content and lead generation, Briggs is also a advocate of good quality and compliant data as well as the technologies that support  successful persuasion architectures.

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