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Gary has been writing about enterprise IT for over three decades, pivoting into computer journalism after a first job as an AI Programmer for Logica, working on a major social security Alvey project. 


He started his journalism career as the Software Editor of Computer Weekly, then as the Deputy Editor of Software Futures, at APT Data.


At APT, Gary spent over four years with titles such as Computer Business Review and ComputerWire in the US, where he opened the latter’s West Coast Bureau in San Francisco.


He became a freelance journalist in 2000.

Mike Magee

Mike Magee launched his first magazine when he was six, although its readership was limited to his family in Aberdeen.  Throughout his long career he's created many successful magazine, co-founding The Register and the INQUIRER.  Currently he is editor of supply channel online news title 

and editor-at-large of successful online site,

Mike Magee

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